The Limits in Revised TAKEDA model (IHYST 57)

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The Limits in Revised TAKEDA model (IHYST 57)

Post  Muthana on Fri Oct 16, 2015 2:44 am

Dear all,

I want to use the revised Takeda degrading tri linear hysteresis (IHYST 57) ,the Alpha and Beta (positive and negative stiffness cracking to yield ) is limited in the program to 0.2 as a lower limit , also the limit of cracking moments ratio (FCRP and FCRN) are limited to 0.3 the section I have has cracking stiffness and cracking moment ratio less than the lower limits , is there any way to avoid these limits ( put values for alpha and beta less than 0.2 and FCRP and FCRN less than o.3 ) ?

I really appreciate any suggestion



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