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Rules of the RuaumokoForum

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Rules of the RuaumokoForum Empty Rules of the RuaumokoForum

Post  Domenico Sun Dec 06, 2009 11:31 am

Just a few rules to make out discussions pleasant:

  1. The official language of this forum is English. English is the only language allowed for posting messages.

  2. Posts are to be made in the relevant forum. Off-topic discussion can be posted in the off-topic forum. If you feel that a new forum should be started, ask the administrator.

  3. If you want to discuss on topics related to a specific university course which uses Ruaumoko, ask the administrator to open a new forum.

  4. Members should always post in a way which is respectful to other users. General offensive language, spam, pornography, etc. will not be tollerated in any way.

  5. Exchange of input files, batch files, scripts, and any other material which was created by users and it is not copyright protected is welcome.

  6. The Ruaumoko program suite is protected under copyright laws. Exchange of files included in the Ruaumoko program suite (e.g. updates, executables, etc.) will not be tollerated.

  7. Post of other material protected under copyright laws will not be tollerated.

  8. The above forum rules, where applicable, apply also to private messaging.

  9. We are here to help each other.. so never be afraid to ask for help!

  10. After joining the forum, introduce yourself to the other members in the Welcome section.


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