Wall Building Model

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Wall Building Model

Post  miquan on Sat Nov 20, 2010 9:29 am

Dear Prof. Carr,

I want to model TU and TR wall building, which take account rotational inertia for torsional response investigation.
Please give me some directions for 2D and 3D model.
I read a paper of Beyer, she used wide column model for wall, and spring element. Could you possibly explain more?



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wall models

Post  Athol Carr on Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:37 am

I presume TR and TU refers to torsionally restrained and torsionally unrestrained buildings. If not then please define what they are. These were studies by Dr Rolando Castillo with Professor Tom Paulay and myself at the University of Canterbury some years ago. I may have an electronic copy of his thesis, please email so that I have an address to email this to you. It may also be attached to my notes from my dynamics course at the Rose School in the beginning of 2008. Rolando used only the 2D program as he was modelling the structures in plan and could represent the walls as springs. If there is more than one storey then the 3D program should be used, the wall modelled as beam-column members allowing for shear deformation. The Wall element of the 2D program does not, as yet, exist in the 3D program though that is in the process of being rectified. One of the problems is defining the shear-centre of a flanged non-linear wall element. (in 2D this is not a problem) and the new element will extend the Brian Peng reinforced concrete plastic hinge model to allow for shift of neutral axis and the interaction of shear and elongation. This element may not quite be ready by Christmas, depends on how many other things crop up to take greater importance. The floors may be modelled as rigid (in their own planes) diaphragms though I have a student, Debra gardiner, at the moment studying the effects of non-linear flexible floors on the shear force distributions associated with different wall and other shear resisting members in the structure. Debra will be the TA for my dymnanics course at the Rose School next March.

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