RF and RT factors and trilinear factor in Muto's hsyteresis

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RF and RT factors and trilinear factor in Muto's hsyteresis

Post  juan jimenez on Sat Mar 24, 2012 2:39 pm

Hi all. My name is Juan Jimenez. I am a doctoral student of Earthquake Engineering, at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona.

I want to model inelastic shear in beams and columns using spring elements. I will use the spring ITYPE = 1 (no interactions). I note that the line of basic properties includes RF and RT factors, which are bilinear factors. Also, I want to keep elastic the axial and flexural components of these springs. Can I keep elastic these components assigning FX's= 0 and Mz s =0?

By the modeling, I am interested in a trilinear hysteresis rule without pinching effect, as the Muto’s rule. I note that the parameters line for Muto’s hysteresis only includes the ALFA y FCR parameters. ¿Does Ruaumoko assume internally a trilinear factor? If not, how does define this trilinear factor ? What is your acceptable range?

One last thing: is it possible to insert, say, in the middle of a frame member, a zero-length plastic hinge using dummy nodes. When and why to use zero length in the plastic hinges?

Thank you very much in advance

juan jimenez

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