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Post  Domenico on Sun Dec 06, 2009 11:00 am

Welcome to RuaumokoForum.

The main discussion topic is the seismic engineering program suite Ruaumoko, which includes several programs such as Ruaumoko, Dynaplot, Simqke, Spectra, Inspect and others.

The motivation for such a forum comes from the fact that, despite the many users of Ruaumoko, there was no place on the net (to my knowledge) where to discuss and help each other on the subject. I believe that most of the times the quickest way to improve your skills is to learn from someone, and a forum on the internet is the only solution when that someone is one ocean away and you don't know him.

I hope you guys will be able to receive much and give much through this discussion forum.

Please also note that this forum is hosted on a free server, which implies a rather limited efficiency and the annoying presence of advertisements every once in a while.. I do not earn anything at all from the ads, and I do not have the possibility to remove them, sorry.

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